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,Analysis of the five major trends in the home improvement industry in 2015"/>
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时时彩怎么看重号:Analysis of the five major trends in the home improvement industry in 2015

Issuing time:2015-07-14 17:24

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In the big home industry, the non-home improvement industry is the most affected by the Internet thinking, which is because the “pain points” accumulated by consumers in the traditional home decoration process are more. For example, the problems of construction period, price difference, and increase in items have made this industry one of the earliest traditional industries that have been transformed by Internet thinking.

Halfway through 2015, in the frenzied “Internet +” trend in the first half of the year, traditional home improvement companies continued to innovate and saw the impact of other “outsiders” interventions on the industry. At present, traditional home improvement enterprises are still thinking about various modes.

Trend one:

Home improvement measurable era

Since the launch of the 699 yuan / square meter product in 2014, the services of 698 yuan / square meter, 666 yuan / square meter, 599 yuan / square meter from different brands have emerged endlessly, and some enterprises have also subdivided the construction. The package or main package also uses a similar pricing model.

Many people in the industry classify this phenomenon of “XXX yuan/square meter” as the Internet home improvement model, which is considered to be product-based thinking. In these packages, there are often many free projects that are consistent with the “free” concept in Internet thinking. At the same time, this model also has provisions for the construction period. This faster way has also caused an internal boom in the industry. For example, 20 days, 18 days, or even 15 days of completion under the relevant conditions are endless.

However, the opposite is not overwhelming. Some people in the industry think that this is not an Internet home improvement, just a follow-up quotation model, the essence of Internet home improvement must be re-excavated.

Some insiders pointed out that the reason behind these quotations is that the era of home improvement has arrived. Sun Wei, chairman of Shichuang Decoration Group, said: "The Internet allows us to get closer and closer to our customers, so the middle links are no longer needed. Through competition, companies are constantly responding to environmental changes, and naturally enter the era of meager profit. "The representative enterprises of this model have love space, natural decoration, holy decoration, real decoration, Dongyi Risheng speed collection."

Trend 2:

Various types of virtual applications are maturing

Some enterprises that enter the home improvement field in the form of technology are mostly equipped with the advantages of intelligent online products and management processes. They have more mature APP and website 3D virtual design, which is more suitable for consumption habits, and can interact with consumers and create stickiness.

In addition, traditional home improvement companies are also enriching online 3D virtual design software, or BIM software, to provide effective help for measurement, cost calculation, etc., and directly link ERP system to synchronize with the worker management system. Therefore, some traditional companies have to change their voices to target Internet companies.

Trend 3:

Credit business involved in home improvement services

Renovation consumption should be a large amount of consumption items. On the basis of the maturity of Internet + finance development, many interest-free credit businesses have also entered the field of decoration.

Recently, Jimei Home signed a credit home business with China Construction Bank and Gumai Anju E-Commerce Co., Ltd., aiming to attract consumers after the decoration and quotation through the experience store of Gumai’s community in Beijing. Consumers choose to purchase related home building materials in Jimei Home, in order to obtain 24 interest-free, free-to-handle consumption discounts.

At the beginning of this year, the decoration of the Holy Point together with the Internet financial service provider Youyoubao, brought the benefits of “first decoration and payment” to consumers, and also changed the mode of first payment and re-decoration in traditional decoration.

Trend 4:

Promote the "home improvement service" market

At the moment when Internet technology companies are targeting the home improvement market, traditional home improvement companies are making new ventures, many companies in the industry are also involved in the field of pan-homewear, and the entry point is more unique. For example, the colorful decoration home has been eyeing the post-renovation service market.

Colorful home decoration said that with the continuous improvement of people's quality of life requirements, home improvement product repair, beautification and other issues have become a demand, the colorful decoration home service will be aimed at the "renovation service" market, from a panel to the entire space, With the goal of softening and beautifying, the “home-for-new” is a new opportunity for enterprises to move into the home improvement market.

In traditional home improvement companies, this trend has also begun to spread. The current decoration, which has always been the advantage of the old house decoration, has begun to focus on opening the local decoration market this year.

Trend 5:

Establish "Internet +" order into a common appeal of enterprises

Some insiders predict that in the near future, there may be giant companies in the home improvement field. Affected by this statement, the brainstorming discussions in the industry are endless and the atmosphere is tense. There are indications that this is a prelude to the dramatic changes in the home improvement industry. However, for the industry, the real fear may not be that there will be many large enterprises, but in the current environment, how should the industry establish rules and order that are truly related to the Internet.

In this regard, at the China Internet Decoration Innovation Forum held recently, Haier has a living network CEO Yang Tie-nan said: "The relationship between our enterprises should be mutually supportive, mutual support, and not a competitive relationship. We need to work together to break Another interest system to achieve the common development of industry enterprises."

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